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Linda's Look-A-Like Dolls are meant to be lasting treasures for the families that acquire them. They are truly an heirloom to be cherished for many years!

Each doll is hand-crafted by Master Doll Maker, Linda Brennan. All dolls have a porcelain head, transformed to match the facial features of the "model" and hand painted to capture the model's unique color and complexion. Painted eyes (optional) add an amazing lifelike quality to Linda's dolls.

The body of the doll may be all porcelain or a combination of cloth body and porcelain arms, legs and shoulders. Hair is dyed and cut to match each model as closely as possible. The package is most often completed with doll clothing that is also hand-crafted by Linda to match the clothing of the model. Be sure to check out the many pictures of Linda's dolls in the Picture Gallery.

As you will see, these dolls are NOT mass-manufactured plastic portrait dolls from somewhere in Asia. Each doll is a unique creation made with tender loving care by a true artist who is passionate about her work.

Linda Brennan is a Master Doll Maker certified by the Doll Artisan Guild (DAG). Linda began making dolls as a hobby and it quickly became her passion!

Linda indeed has the eye of a true artist as she transforms 'off-the-shelf' doll molds into stunning look-a-like dolls. In some cases, Linda has used the same doll mold for several creations and no two look like each other.

As a hobbyist, Linda has created many other dolls for her family, herself and some for competion. Be sure to check out pictures of these other beautiful creations in Fun Stuff.


Linda's Look-A-Like Dolls