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About the Dolls:


Most dolls are 14"-28" and most are moveable and poseable with a porcelain head, shoulder plate, half arms and half legs attached to a cloth body with an armature that allows the arms and legs to bend. A doll stand comes with the doll.

All dolls come with hand-painted eyes, with painted upper and lower lashes, that add to the character and realism of Linda's Look-A-Like Dolls.


All dolls are now priced at $600*

Prices include doll stand and fully dressed* doll. All clothing is hand-made and, in most cases, can be made similar to clothing worn in photos supplied as a model for the doll. Prices include priority (USPS) shipping. Express overnight shipping is available at the rates in effect at time of delivery.

*Elaborate costumes and formal attire such as wedding gowns, costumes and tuxedos will require extra charges that will be quoted prior to beginning work on a doll.

The Process:

Currently, I am quite busy so I will need at least two (2) months notice on all new doll orders. It is best to order in early summer for Christmas as I usually have to stop taking Christmas orders by September 1st. Once started, it takes me approximately 3-4 weeks to finish a Look-A-Like doll. To begin creating your Look-A-Like Doll, I will need the following:

Photos :

If possible, I like to review photos of the person who is to be the model for the doll before accepting the order. I need front profiles that will clearly show the shape of the face, mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. At least one photo with a smile and one without. Also a side profile that shows the nose and chin if possible. All photos are returned with the doll.

Hair :

A tiny swatch of hair is extremely helpful in getting a close match when selecting a wig for the doll. Photos NEVER show the true hair color.

Skin Tone :

A description of skin tone is helpful (e.g., Peach, pink, olive, light brown, dark brown, yellow or blue tones) in selecting the correct shade of porcelain for your doll. Include any distinguishing marks such as scars, freckles, moles and birthmarks.

Eyes :

A good description of the eye color is essential and paint chips are always helpful, especially if eye-color is unique.


A $100.00 deposit is required before work begins on a doll**. I can accept installment payments as work on the doll progresses however, final payment is required before the doll is shipped. A photo of the doll will be sent by e-mail upon completion so that that you can see your Look-A-Like Doll before mailing your final payment.

Christmas orders must be received no later than September 1** and will be completed on a first come first served basis.

Please contact me by email (Linda@Lookalikedolls.com) before sending your order. This will ensure that I will be able to fulfill your order within the required time.


**All orders are subject to my approval and availability. If I don't think I will be able to complete a doll for any reason within the required timeframe, I may refuse the doll order and will return the deposit along with any other materials submitted.


Linda's Look-A-Like Dolls